The fingers allow for precise movements and dexterity but require intricate mechanisms to work correctly. The tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves in the fingers surround multiple small bones that can all be injured due to trauma or disease. If you have a finger injury, you want a specialist that can diagnose and offer advanced treatments to relieve pain and restore function. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists is a hand and finger surgeon who offers finger injury and pain treatment at our facility near West Palm Beach in Florida.

Each finger has multiple joints with ligaments and tendons to bend and move the finger. All your fingers work together to allow you to grip, type, text and swipe on command. When a bone breaks or a ligament or tendon are impacted by injury or disease, it can result in pain, stiffness and limited function of the finger and hand. Due to the small scope of the fingers, it is important to have a specialist to diagnose and perform finger injury and pain treatment.

Finger Injuries and Conditions

Dr. Steven Rueda is a highly respected hand surgeon with years of experience treating complex hand, finger and wrist injuries and conditions. If you have a finger injury or condition, you can trust Dr. Rueda to offer the most advanced options to relieve pain and restore function. Our state-of-the-art medical facility in Wellington, FL, offers finger surgery and treatment for many different conditions and injuries, including:

A painful finger injury or condition can impact your ability to perform routine tasks or may make it difficult to perform your job. Dr. Rueda can examine your finger and determine the best treatment option. If surgery is needed, you can trust Dr. Rueda to perform this intricate procedure. He is a fellowship-trained surgeon and one of the best hand specialists in Florida.

If you require finger injury and pain treatment in the West Palm Beach area, come see Dr. Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists. Contact our office in Wellington to book your appointment for a finger injury consultation.