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At Precision Medical Specialists of Palm Beach, we offer our patients a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology. Choosing a facility is as important as choosing the surgeon or doctor, as it guarantees that the procedures will be performed in a safe and relaxing environment. Its architectural and design have been exclusively made with the goal of creating a stress-relieving environment.

Why patients like our consultations?

Time with Doctor

We pride ourselves in being one of the few medical practices where the doctor himself (not solely his assistants) spends significant time with the patient doing the guidance and education. We never let volume get in the way of quality as we respect you and your time.

Highly Educational

At the moment of scheduling, we already feel a commitment to begin enhancing the patients knowledge. Our staff will obtain information about your desires and send you a preliminary educational package. This will allow you to have some baseline knowledge and focus the consult time in concerns that are specific to your body and aesthetic goals.


At the moment of scheduling, our office sends you links that will prepare you for the process of consultation, including suggested questions to ask the doctor that have been proven to lead to better results, as well as considerations about your medical condition. We also include directions to our office to make the day of consult transition smoothly.

Tailored Needs

We understand that there is no cookie cutter operation and that every patient has specific goals in mind. We ensure we capture and make a custom plan for your body.

At Precision Medical Specialists, we strive to make your consultation process as easy as possible. We offer the online and telephone scheduling options to fit the needs of all. We understand our patients are busy, so we offer extended business hours and appointments to suit the needs of all.

We pride ourselves in providing patients some of the best education about their options and possibilities. Therefore, at the moment of scheduling, our staff will obtain your information and send you a preliminary package with information and material that will help you make the best decision for your body when you see our doctors. This way, when you arrive for consultation, a greater time and focus will be given to your personal specific needs; we do not believe in cookie cutter operations. This sets us apart from everyone else and is the reason we believe we are so successful.


You will receive a detailed educational package prior to your procedure including details about recovery, postoperative care, preparations, and important decisions to review prior to surgery day. You will also be contacted by our staff to answer any questions that you may have. You will see an anesthesia provider the day of surgery or in the preoperative visit to ensure your procedure is medically safe. Regardless of how many procedures of one kind the doctors have performed, they understand that every patient is unique and deserves tailored treatment. Every patient has their individual goals and expectations and as much time as needed is spent to ensure they are satisfied.

Trust Your Appearance to Us

Choose The Right Procedure For You