Scars appear when the skin is damaged, but there are many different types of scars that can be left on skin. Some scars are dark or raised, but atrophic scars are indented where the scar tissue formed. There are different shapes and types of atrophic scars that can impact the appearance of the skin. At Precision Medical Specialists, our plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment team can offer effective options for atrophic scar removal at our facility in Wellington, FL.

When there is a significant wound to the skin, scar tissue forms to repair the skin. In the case of atrophic scars, the scar tissue formed is not enough to restore an even texture, leaving an indent in the skin. Acne ice pick or pockmark scars are common examples of atrophic scars, leaving small indents in the skin where acne breakouts occurred. Other types of atrophic scars include rolling and boxcar scars that are bigger than the small ice pick scars.

Effective Atrophic Scar Treatment

The goal with atrophic scar removal is to restore an even skin texture. This can be achieved two ways – filling in the indented tissue or using abrasion to smooth the skin surface. Both methods can be effective, but the size and type of atrophic scar may determine which method is best for restoring smooth skin.

Dr. Steven Rueda is an experienced plastic surgeon with expertise in the best scar treatment options. Depending on the scar, Dr. Rueda may recommend laser treatments, microneedling, skin resurfacing and other scar removal treatment options. In some cases, dermal filler injections can be used to fill in scars for temporary improvement of the skin. Dr. Rueda and our cosmetic team offer advanced options to smooth uneven skin and increase collagen production to remove unwanted atrophic scarring.

You deserve to feel confident in your appearance. If you have pockmarked skin or deep atrophic scars you want removed, there are treatment options available. To learn more about atrophic scar removal treatments, contact the team at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL, to schedule a scar removal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda.