Most scars only form within the borders of the original wound to the skin. Keloid scars are a type of hypertrophic or raised scar that can form beyond the border of a wound. Keloid scars can occur from any skin wound, from a piercing in the ear lobe to a surgical incision, resulting in a large growth of scar tissue. Keloid scars require specialized treatment for removal to avoid new scar tissue from forming. Our team at Precision Medical Specialists can provide effective keloid scar removal at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Wellington, FL.

Keloid scars are different than any other type of scars. While most scars, even other hypertrophic scars, will reduce in size and appearance over time, keloid scars may become larger. There are keloid scar formations that become extensive growths of fibrous tissue that are cumbersome, uncomfortable and unattractive. Some of the most notable keloid scar formations occur on the earlobes due to an ear piercing, resulting in a large growth hanging from the ear. To effectively remove a keloid scar, it is important to see a keloid scar removal specialist like our plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda.

Advanced Keloids Treatment

Keloid scars are complex to remove and may require multiple treatments. The problem with keloids is simply removing the growth does not necessarily stop the formation of the fibrous tissue. Removing one growth can cause another keloid scar to form in its place. Dr. Rueda specializes in using a combination of keloid treatments to remove the scar tissue and stop new tissue from forming.

Keloid scars can be removed through laser treatment, cryotherapy or excision, depending on the size and location of the formation. Medication may also be used to reduce the chance of reoccurrence of the scar tissue. Dr. Rueda can create a personalized keloid scar treatment plan to remove unwanted scar tissue to improve your appearance and comfort.

If you have a keloid scar and want to explore advanced treatment options in the West Palm Beach area, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists. We can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda to discuss the keloid scar removal treatments available at our facility in Wellington, FL.