The delicate skin around the eyes is susceptible to sagging with aging. Both the upper and lower eyelid skin can droop, losing elasticity which results in droopy upper eyelids and eye bags under the eyes. When permanent bags begin to appear under the eyes, it can make you look older and tired. One option to refresh your eyes and face is an eye lift to tighten sagging skin around the eyes. At Precision Medical Specialists in the West Palm Beach area, we offer a non-surgical eye lift treatment that can rejuvenate your eyes for a more youthful, energetic appearance.

There are many different issues that affect the eyes, making them look older, tired or sad. Tear troughs or hollows under the eyes can appear, increasing dark shadows or circles under the eyes. Puffy bags may appear under the eyes, along with crow’s feet and other wrinkles. To refresh the eyes and reduce lines, wrinkles, bags, dark circles and sagging skin, there are many different cosmetic options. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is one option, but we also have non-surgical eye lift treatments that can address multiple aging issues around the eyes.

Non-Surgical Eye Treatments

At Precision Medical Specialists, we will customize a non-surgical treatment plan to improve the appearance of your eyes. Each patient may have different concerns and benefit from various treatments. Some of the possible treatments we can combine to complete a non-surgical eye lift procedure include:

While non-surgical eye lift treatments cannot remove excess skin or fat from around the eyes, they tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles and replace lost volume that make the eyes look older. To learn more about non-surgical eye lift options, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule a consultation at our facility in Wellington, FL.