As you get older, your forehead and brows may begin to droop. Horizontal lines across the forehead form and the eyebrow arch can dissipate. The sagging skin on the forehead may result in more brow lines and wrinkles, and the eyebrows can sag closer to the eyes. Drooping brows make the eyes look older and more tired, accentuating excess skin on the upper eyelids. A brow lift smooths away forehead lines and elevates the brows for a more alert and youthful appearance. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists offers advanced forehead/brow lift surgery at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

An aging forehead and brow often are overlooked as a cosmetic concern but can contribute to the overall appearance of the face. The eyebrow position affects the eyes, as lowered brows can push down on the upper eyelid skin for a droopy, tired appearance. The forehead looks longer as the eyebrows droop and frown lines can make the face appear angry or worried. Refreshing the forehead and brow with a lift procedure will refresh the eyes and the overall appearance of the face.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the top plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area. If you have a sagging brow that is making you look older, tired or grumpy, Dr. Rueda is an excellent choice for a rejuvenating forehead and brow lift procedure. Dr. Rueda offers an endoscopic brow lift surgery that places the incision above the hairline to hide the scar. Using endoscopic surgical tools, Dr. Rueda will lift and tighten the forehead skin while repositioning the eyebrows in a more youthful, higher arch. The procedure is less invasive with smaller, hidden incisions for a discreet and effective brow lift.

Brow lift surgery is often combined with blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery. The two procedures complement each other to completely rejuvenate the eyes and brows to achieve a more youthful appearance.

If you have permanent frown lines, sagging brows or a tired appearance to the eyes, a forehead or brow lift procedure may be a solution to help your upper face and eyes look years younger. To learn more about an endoscopic brow lift, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rueda at our facility in Wellington, FL.