Are the hollows under your eyes creating dark circles and making you appear tired, sick or older? The thin skin beneath the eyes does not begin with much of a cushion, and the normal course of aging slows our collagen production, hollowing out the area even more. You may also notice fine lines in the area or fine lines running across each other, resulting in a crosshatched pattern. These problems can be difficult to camouflage and can influence everything from the type of makeup you wear to the style of glasses you pick out. Precision Medical Specialists provides under-eye filler treatment to target unwanted hollows and lines, brightening up your entire face.

As a non-surgical procedure, under-eye filler treatment is completed by carefully placing injections under the area to restore a cushion beneath the delicate skin. This eliminates hollows, corrects contour differences and smooths the skin over the area, reducing fine lines. Unfortunately, fillers do not change pigmentation, so we will provide additional solutions to address the issue if the under-eye area is naturally dark.

Tear Trough Filler

Tear trough filler works similarly to under-eye filler, but specifically targets a line from the nose, along the eye, and ending at the cheek. This line casts a shadow over the under-eye, making it appear darker. Sometimes, the line can make it appear as though it is a hollow, when in fact, it is only hollow compared to the tear trough issue.

Under-Eye Experts in Wellington, FL

Working in the under-eye area is a delicate procedure, requiring a high level of skill and training. A consultation with the team at Precision Medical Specialists can determine the type of treatment that will best address your needs and desires and develop a tailored treatment plan that is unique to you.

We offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for many of your concerns and can restore the youthful appearance you are after. With thousands of procedures and extensive training, Precision Medical Specialists is sought after for eye filler treatments and tear trough fillers. Contact our Wellington office today for more information.