Cesarean section, or C-section, births are common – an estimated 30% of newborns are delivered through C-sections in the U.S. The incision across the abdomen to perform a cesarean delivery will leave a scar, which may be a concern to some women. Like all scars, C-section scars differ from person to person. Some may heal wonderfully, fading and becoming almost invisible. For others, the scar may be indented or raised, causing discomfort or aesthetic concerns. At Precision Medical Specialists, our talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda, offers effective options for C-section scar removal at our facility in Wellington, FL.

C-section incisions can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal C-section scars extend across the lower abdomen, and vertical scars are usually from the pubis up to the bellybutton. Some C-section scars can indent or create a flap of skin, while others may be hypertrophic or raised scars. When the scar is very noticeable or uncomfortable, it is understandable to want it removed. There are both surgical and non-surgical options for C-section scar removal we offer at Precision Medical Specialists.

C-Section Scar Treatment

Hypertrophic or dark C-section scars can be treated with non-surgical options. Silicone gel sheets can be useful for preventing noticeable scarring after surgery or to reduce the appearance of some C-section scars. Laser treatments can also be effective at removing or fading some types of scars. However, if a skin flap or significant indentation on the abdomen has occurred, surgical scar revision or a tummy tuck procedure may be recommended to remove a C-section scar.

Plastic Surgery for C-Section Scars

If a C-section scar creates a skin flap or indentation, liposuction or surgical scar revision can be used to flatten and reduce the scar appearance. Some women may opt to have a tummy tuck to remove excess fat, tighten the abdomen muscles and hide the C-section scar below the bikini line. C-section scar removal may be part of a “Mommy Makeover” procedure to rejuvenate a women’s body after childbirth.

If you have a C-section scar that you want removed, there are various treatments available to improve the appearance of your lower abdomen. To learn more about C-section scar removal, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington near West Palm Beach to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda to discuss the best C-section removal option for you.