When the skin is damaged due to lacerations, infections, burns or other injuries, scar tissue forms to repair the damage. Scar tissue looks and feels different than skin, as it tends to be a different color and texture. Scars are inevitable when skin damage occurs, whether it is from a small infection like acne or from a severe burn or surgery incision. At Precision Medical Specialists, our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda, can perform scar removal and revision procedures at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

Scar removal is difficult, as you cannot completely erase a scar. Once scar tissue is present, it will always be there. However, there are cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic treatments that can minimize the appearance of scars. Scar treatments can involve non-surgical options, like laser skin therapy, to lighten darker scars or resurface the skin. Surgical scar revision can be used to remove large or raised scar tissue. The type of procedure depends on many factors, including the type, size and location of the scar and the desired outcome of the patient.

Removal of Multiple Scar Types

Not all scar tissue forms the same. Some scars are indented in the skin, others may be raised or flat. The scar formation depends on various factors from the injury to the skin and genetics of the individual. Each type of scar may require different treatment or removal methods. Laser treatments, medications, cosmetic injections and surgery may all be considered, depending on the type of scar. Our cosmetic team, headed by Dr. Steven Rueda, offers advanced options in scar removal and revision procedures at our state-of-the-art facility, including treatments for the following scar types:

Scars can be distracting and impact a person’s appearance and self-confidence. In most cases, scars can be hidden or greatly reduced to improve the appearance of the skin. If you have a scar you want removed, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists. We can schedule a scar removal and revision consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda at our facility in Wellington, FL, near West Palm Beach.