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Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon

Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the best doctors for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery in Palm Beach. With 10 years of surgical experience, over 2500 cases, and one of the best surgical training in the country, Dr. Rueda’s patients can feel confident they are entrusting their health and body to the right hands.

A Top Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon Specialized In Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures.

  • Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation trained (Top 2 Hospital in the US)
  • Surgical experience of 10 years and over 2,500 procedures
  • Author in expert Plastic Surgery international journals and book
  • Top 1% in the US national Plastic Surgery exam
  • Specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, body, and reconstructive face and hand surgery
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery at FAU, Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital
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Dr. Steven Rueda


Dr. Steven Rueda’s has a proven record of excellence since his early years of life. A south Florida native, Dr. Rueda was accepted early at the University of Miami School of Medicine after graduating as the No. 1 ranked student in the entire College of Engineering with a perfect GPA. During his years in medical school he once again was among the top students in his class and was elected to the exclusive Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, an honor only held by the other top 7 students in his class. It was here where Dr. Rueda discovered his love and passion for Plastic Surgery.

His high level of accomplishment enabled him to be chosen as the first class of Integrated Plastic Surgery residents at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, recognized as the second best Hospital in the US, and considered one of the best training programs in the entire country. Dr. Rueda was one of only two people chosen that year amongst a pool of more than 300 outstanding applicants. During his time at this institution, Dr. Rueda was part of the surgical teams that performed two face transplants, including the youngest patient in the country for which he was featured in CNN, Univision, and other national and international news agencies.

Dr. Rueda has developed a unique understanding of the field that has enabled him to perform at the top 1% in the national Plastic Surgery exams, an honor held by a very limited number of Plastic Surgeons in the country. He has published articles in expert peer-reviewed journals in the subjects of aesthetic surgery and skin cancer; some of his publications include work on facelift, tummy tuck, skin cancer, melanoma, and breast surgery. He is also published in aesthetic and reconstructive hand surgery. Most importantly Dr. Rueda is a compassionate doctor that strives to treat his patients as he would his own family, striving to achieve perfection.

He likes to place a heavy emphasis on patient education, as he believes this helps patients enhance their results. Dr. Rueda also enjoys giving back to the community. He has been part of medical missions in underserved areas of the city of Miami, Chile, and Colombia. His charity is not just limited to occasional trips, but he consistently devotes a portion of his practice to reconstructive surgery of the hand to help those patients who are most in need.

Dr. Steven Rueda returned home to south Florida to join Precision Plastic Surgery and serve the Palm Beach community. He specializes in surgical and non surgical procedures for the face, body, breast, and hands. Most of the procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art facility with modern equipment and an in-house operating room to provide a better service for the patient.


Cleveland Clinic Face Transplant Team

Dr. Rueda was one of the Plastic Surgeons involved in the care of the historic face transplant performed by the Cleveland Clinic on the youngest patient in the world

Cleveland Clinic Educational Excellence

Distinction given to doctors at the institution for excellence in education to others. Nominated and chosen by all other doctors. Awarded twice

Past President of Alpha Omega Alpha

University of Miami School of Medicine Chapter

Presidents Honor Roll

Honor given to students with perfect 4.0. Awarded eight times

Jacob Kline Founders Award

Award given to the No. 1 graduating senior in the Department of Bioengineering. University of Miami

Norman G Einspruch Scholar

Award given to the No. 1 graduating senior in the College of Engineering. University of Miami


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Dermal Filler Complications…

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