Ears play an important role in both function and appearance. Not only are they part of your hearing ability, but ears can be adorned with earrings, hold glasses in place and are part of your facial appearance. When ears are misshapen, stick out or are too large, they can impact the aesthetics of your head and face. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists is one of the top plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area, and he offers plastic and cosmetic ear surgery at our facility in Wellington, FL.

The ears are made from mostly cartilage and soft tissue that can be easily damaged or misshapen. Trauma and aging can change the shape of the ears, and many people are born with congenital defects to the ears. The unique shape of the ears makes them challenging to reshape, requiring an artistic eye and surgical talent. Dr. Rueda has the experience and expertise to perform intricate ear plastic surgery to reshape and reform damaged or misshapen ears for improved aesthetics.

Cosmetic Ear Reshaping and Repair

Whether you were born with misshapen ears or your ears were damaged, cosmetic surgery can improve the appearance of your ears. Dr. Rueda can repair damaged ears and restore a natural, beautiful shape that appears balanced with the rest of your facial features. Our state-of-the-art medical facility in the West Palm Beach area offers several cosmetic ear procedures, including:

Ear cosmetic surgery can require complex procedures, including cartilage and skin grafting to reshape the intricate ear components. Dr. Rueda has completed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures with excellent results for his patients, including ear plastic surgery. If you need ear reduction, reshaping or repair, you can trust Dr. Rueda and our experienced medical team at Precision Medical Specialists to provide excellent results that meet or exceed your expectations.

If you need ear plastic surgery in the West Palm Beach area, come see us at Precision Medical Specialists. Our state-of-the-art medical facility offers exceptional cosmetic surgery and treatments for the face and body, including ear reshaping and repair. Contact our office in Wellington, FL, to set your consultation appointment with Dr. Rueda to discuss your cosmetic ear surgery procedure.