Do you have permanent horizontal creases across your forehead or on the bridge of your nose? This is called a furrowed brow. When lines appear vertically above the nose and between the eyebrows, they are also known as “elevens” or “11 lines” because they closely resemble the number. Furrows and frown lines are common reasons people come for a plastic surgery consultation regarding non-surgical treatments.

Furrowed brows are primarily a result of genetics and natural aging. Frowning or drawing the brows together when you worry, concentrate or squint can sometimes make them worse. For some people, the creases can be very deep, regardless of the direction they run. With a brow lift by Dr. Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists in West Palm Beach, FL, permanent furrowed brow treatment can be achieved.

Get Rid of Frown Lines

As you age, the muscles in your forehead naturally relax and droop. Combined with repetitive face movements and normal expressions, the furrows and frown lines can give the impression you are angry, sad or worried. Not only may you be projecting the wrong emotion, but the furrows can also make you appear older than you are.

Frown lines are often treated with neuromodulators, such as Botox®. However, these procedures do not permanently fix the problem or provide full results for deep furrows. If you are looking to get rid of frown lines for good, a brow lift can eliminate both the vertical and horizontal lines.

Brow Lifts Fix Furrows, Frown Lines and More

By repositioning the forehead and brow, furrows and frown lines can be eliminated. Dr. Rueda’s procedure is less invasive than traditional surgeries, and any incision scars are hidden in the hairline. The results are discreet and look very natural while addressing your forehead and brow concerns. When the brow is lifted, the muscles that cause the frown lines are also weakened to correct the persistent 11s.

Sometimes, a brow or forehead lift can improve the appearance of sagging upper eyelids. However, if your drooping eyelids are caused by more than the slack forehead muscle, a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, can be completed simultaneously and completely rejuvenate your face. For a permanent furrowed brow treatment, contact Precision Medical Specialists today for a consultation in our Wellington, FL office.