Skin tags are soft benign growths of skin that are cosmetically unsightly and physically uncomfortable. Also called cutaneous tags or acrochordon, these growths are typically very small but can grow up to a half an inch in length. While skin tags do not pose a health risk, they can be a cosmetic and comfort concern for many people. If you are interested in skin tag removal and you live in the West Palm Beach area, come see us at Precision Medical Specialists. Our dermatologist, Dr. Katherine Chiang, offers skin tag removal at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

Skin Tag Causes and Symptoms

Skin tags tend to appear in areas on the body where there are skin folds, such as the eyelids, armpits, neck, groin and under breasts. Cutaneous tags are more common in those middle-aged or older and those who are overweight, as well as pregnant women or others experiencing hormonal imbalances. The exact cause of skin tags is unknown, but they are a common trait within families for both men and women. If your parents had skin tags as they become older, you have a higher chance of experiencing them as you age.

Skin tags are composed of a fibrous stalk with a smooth or bumpy bulb on the end – they can be flesh-colored or brown. They are not painful, but they can be irritated when they catch on clothing or jewelry. While these growths are benign, if they change in color or size, you should have the growth examined by a dermatologist for possible skin cancer or precancerous traits.

Skin Tag Treatment

The best skin tag treatment is removal. For those that are unhappy with the appearance of skin tags, or these growths are uncomfortable, a quick procedure can be performed. Dr. Chiang loves snipping off skin tags for our patients. The procedure is quick and with minimal pain. We offer both topical and injectable numbing medication to make the procedure painless. Please visit our “Pricing” section for more information about the cost of removal.

If you want skin tag removal, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chiang. We offer quick and painless skin tag treatment at our medical center in Wellington, Florida.