Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss, encompassing many different conditions that can result in thinning, balding or lost hair. From genetic and hormonal causes to autoimmune dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies, there are many causes and types of alopecia. At Precision Medical Specialists, our dermatologist Dr. Katherine Chiang is an alopecia and hair loss specialist. If you are exploring options for hair loss treatment, Dr. Chiang offers comprehensive treatment plans at our medical facility in Wellington, FL.

Causes and Types of Alopecia

Individuals of all ages and genders can experience hair loss, or alopecia, impacting their appearance and self-confidence. There are different types of alopecia that are caused by various factors. Some of the most common types of alopecia include:

There are other types and causes of alopecia – there can be multiple causes that contribute to the condition. For effective treatment, Dr. Chiang performs a thorough examination, medical history and may request laboratory tests to determine cause of alopecia for an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The treatment plan Dr. Chiang will recommend depends on the type of alopecia and your personal condition. Treatments can include nutritional supplements, PRP therapy, oral/topical medications, light therapies and treatment shampoos/conditioners. The right combination of treatments will stimulate new hair growth for many people with certain types of alopecia or prevent further hair loss for those with irreversible alopecia.

You do not need to accept hair loss. There are effective alopecia or hair loss treatments available without surgery. To explore your hair loss treatment options, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule an alopecia consultation with Dr. Chiang, our alopecia dermatologist. Call us at our facility near West Palm Beach in Florida to book your appointment.