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Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the most sought after chin augmentation surgeons in Palm Beach. His attention to detail and methodical technique create beautiful and natural results. Chin augmentation is a common facial plastic surgery procedure for women and men of all ages. A strong and well balanced chin creates an ideal facial profile. Most people also believe it adds a confident look on the face. It can also improve the contour between the face and the neck while generating a more youthful neck appearance. Chin augmentation can be accomplished by fillers, implants, and jaw bone reshaping. Although there are different options, most patients are better suited by one of the previous methods. Dr. Rueda is experienced in the three procedures and performs a careful evaluation to select the best option for your chin.


There are three main types of chin augmentation: filler, implant, and jaw contouring. The three methods can provide improved chin aesthetics, however, some have advantages over the others. The most common forms of short chin are short distance from front to back (horizontally), or short from head to toes (vertically). Some procedures improve chin horizontal or vertical length to different degrees.

Recovery and Downtime

Recovery and Downtime

Why choose precision plastic surgery for your Chin augmentation procedure?

Dr. Rueda, a Cleveland Clinic trained surgeon who has 7 years and 2,000 procedures of experience in Plastic Surgery will be your safe and best choice for chin augmentation. Successful results in this procedure require a surgeon that is experienced, artistic, and detailed oriented. Dr. Rueda has published articles on cosmetic surgery in expert peer reviewed journals, and his work has been presented in several national plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Rueda’s passion for patient education and custom centered approach will guarantee you feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Rueda also believes in treating his patients as if he was treating his own family; you can trust you will enter a trusting long-term relationship and have the best fat grafting Palm Beach can offer.

Multiple Options

Not all methods of chin augmentation can deliver the changes desired by the patient. In some people, the chin is not only short horizontally, but it can also be short vertically or even asymmetrical! Dr. Rueda is experienced in all types of possible chin augmentation procedures (filler, implant, jawbone reshaping) and can guarantee a great result.

No Visible Scar

For the patients requiring implant augmentation or bone reshaping, Dr. Rueda uses a technique where the procedure is all done through the inside of the mouth. This leaves no possibility of visible skin scars.

Fast Recovery

Most of our patients with chin augmentation return to work within 1 week of the procedure, with the majority of them going back to work between 1-2 days post surgery.

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