Genetics and ethnicity determine the original size and shape of your nose. Those of Asian descent may have smaller noses with a flatter bridge than many other ethnic groups. The petite Asian nose can blend perfectly with the other facial features. However, if the bridge is too flat, it may be an aesthetic concern for some individuals. At Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL, we offer Asian rhinoplasty to surgically reshape the nose or lift the bridge to create the desired appearance.

The Asian nose job is requested from individuals who want to change certain traits of their nose while retaining their Asian characteristics. A common concern with the Asian nose is a low or flat nasal bridge, which can impact both appearance and function with breathing issues. The nasal tip form is also often a cosmetic issue that can impact the aesthetics of the nose. An Asian rhinoplasty procedure can lift and raise the bridge and reshape the nasal tip to create an Asian nose that functions better and is balanced with the other facial features.

Asian Nose Job Surgery

Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists is a Cleveland Clinic-trained plastic surgeon who has many years of experience creating beautiful, natural results for his patients. Dr. Rueda has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures, most right here in the West Palm Beach area. His attention to detail and artistic surgical skills are ideal for nose reshaping procedures, like Asian rhinoplasty. Dr. Rueda takes the time to meet with each patient to listen to their expectations and desires and explain the procedure to accomplish their results.

Dr. Rueda is highly skilled in reshaping nasal tissue to create the desired form while retaining a natural appearance. For those seeking Asian rhinoplasty, Dr. Rueda can reform the bridge, narrow nostrils, reshape nasal tips or thin a bulbous appearance to create the desired nose shape while still maintaining the positive Asian characteristics.

If you are interested in seeking Asian rhinoplasty in the West Palm Beach area, come see us at Precision Medical Specialists. Contact our office at our facility in Wellington, FL, to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda, and discuss your nose reshaping procedure.