If you have excess fat at the sides of your breasts or armpit fat that hangs over the band of your bra, you likely have breast axillary tissue. Although it may look and feel like armpit fat, it is actually breast tissue located in an area beyond the breasts. Since it is not truly fatty tissue, it rarely responds to weight loss or exercise. Dr. Steven Rueda, at Precision Medical Specialists in West Palm Beach, Florida, can surgically remove your breast axillary tissue and eliminate the look of armpit fat.

Remove Excess Armpit Fat

Removal of excess armpit fat depends on how much tissue is present and how much contouring is needed to ensure a pleasant and natural shape. Sometimes, liposuction can correct the problem; but most excess breast axillary tissue will require incisions to correct the issue properly.

Incisions for removing excess tissue are as minimal as possible, usually in the armpit itself, so the armpit folds camouflage the scarring. Although all surgery carries risks, breast axillary tissue removal is considered an outpatient procedure and only takes a few hours to complete. You may experience swelling for a few weeks but should be back to your routine, non-strenuous activities in about a week. It will take approximately a month to heal fully.

More Than a Cosmetic Issue

Excess armpit fat and breast axillary tissue can be detrimental to self-esteem, as it often shows through tight-fitting shirts. This sometimes dictates your clothing choices if you want the lumps and bumps hidden. Aside from disliking the fat-like appearance, breast axillary tissue can cause other problems. Since it is true breast tissue, it behaves the same way your breasts do. This means it will respond to hormonal changes, potentially swelling and becoming tender to the touch. Its sensitive nature also makes it prone to irritation from rubbing against clothing.

Dr. Rueda is one of the most sought-after breast plastic surgeons in West Palm Beach. If you are unhappy with your breast axillary tissue/armpit fat and want a smoother, contoured appearance, contact the Wellington office today and discuss removing excess armpit fat.