Considered a classic beauty standard by many, a face with tight contours, smooth skin and wide-open eyes is less achievable as we age. Lost elasticity, muscle tone and collagen create a thinner face, with prominent hollows in the cheeks and under the eyes. While people often address these areas, there is another area prone to hollowing. The temples do not begin with much of a cushion, and as we age, it can rapidly become a concave space, making the area appear too thin, bony or even skeletal. It does more than simply age you; it can make you look gaunt and unhealthy. At Precision Medical Specialists, we provide temple filler treatments that counteract the hollowing of this often-neglected area.

Restore Sunken Temples

Even if the temples are something you had not thought about, it is especially important to consider both your front and side profile. Those concave spaces change the way you look from head-on, and from the side, they can appear like dents in your head. Thankfully, there are options to restore sunken temples and re-contour this area of the face. Some options include:

Dermal Fillers. Usually containing hyaluronic acid and injected below the skin, dermal filler is commonly used to fill lines, but also in the lips and sometimes the cheeks. When the procedure is done with skill, it can address concave temples with instant, natural results.

Collagen building. Different methods of collagen stimulation, including injectables, can encourage the body to produce collagen beneath the skin, restoring the area to its younger days.

Fat grafting. Removing a small amount of fat from one area of your body and placing it under the temple can fill out the area and eliminate the hollow. We can also use fat grafting in other areas of the face where hollows are present, and it is an excellent addition to a facelift. There is no risk of tissue rejection because the tissue is your own.

Restore Sunken Temples in West Palm, FL

With thousands of successful procedures, Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area. Published and peer-reviewed, his techniques and work are respected for their natural and beautiful results. Contact the Wellington office today to discuss restoring your sunken temples with a temple filler treatment.