Clear, smooth skin is a wonderful aesthetic asset. Lifestyle, injuries, aging and other factors can impact your skin’s appearance, but cosmetic dermatology services can restore smooth, even skin. Dr. Katherine Chiang is a board certified dermatologist who offers innovative options for improving the natural beauty of the skin with our cosmetic dermatology options at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL.

Dr. Chiang believes in a natural, preventive and individualized approach to addressing signs of aging and other aesthetic skin conditions. She is conservative, and always puts patient safety first. Her goal is to enhance the patient’s existing beauty using advanced aesthetic technology and techniques, which can include laser and light therapies, collagen induction and regenerative options. Whether you want to combat aging skin or remove a scar or tattoo, Dr. Chiang and our extensive medical team at Precision Medical Specialists can provide the best cosmetic dermatology services in the West Palm Beach area.

Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Changes to the skin are very apparent. Scars from burns, surgery or injuries can cause cosmetic concerns. A tattoo that once seemed like a good idea may now be an undesirable reminder of a bad decision. Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin from aging can impact your appearance and self-confidence. Dr. Chiang offers safe and effective options in cosmetic skin treatments to improve the skin’s appearance. Our cosmetic dermatology services include:

At Precision Medical Specialists, we have a full dermatology clinic for exceptional skin care headed by Dr. Chiang. We also have a plastic surgeon who offers cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. If you want to look your best at any age, you can trust our team of medical experts to provide excellent care for your skin and appearance.

Give your skin the best care available to look its best. For anti-aging skin treatments, scar removal or tattoo removal, Precision Medical Specialists offers cosmetic dermatology at our medical center in Wellington. Contact our office to schedule a skin consultation with Dr. Chiang to discuss your treatment options.