A severely broken nose from facial trauma may require nasal reconstruction to restore nose shape and function. Nose trauma is common in sports injuries, vehicle accidents, burn injuries and other types of facial trauma situations. Since the nose is crucial for breathing, sense of smell and the central facial features, reconstruction of the nose must be carefully performed to restore form and function. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists offers nasal reconstruction surgery for nose trauma repair at our state-of-the-art medical center in Wellington, FL.

Unlike cosmetic rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction includes restoring the functional aspects of the nose along with creating a pleasing shape. A severely broken nose or a nose that has collapsed due to injury to the structure may require cartilage, bone or skin grafts to recreate the entire feature. Ensuring the nasal passages are functional for breathing is vital, as well as reshaping the outer cartilage to form a balanced, beautiful nose. While nasal reconstruction is a complex procedure, it can be accomplished with excellent results with the right plastic surgeon.

Nose Trauma Repair Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steven Rueda has years of experience as a plastic surgeon, performing thousands of procedures with exceptional results for his patients. Dr. Rueda was trained at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top plastic surgery centers in the country, and he has been published in many peer-reviewed journals and featured at conferences in the plastic surgery field. Dr. Rueda is an extremely patient-focused surgeon that spends the time needed to provide exceptional results for each of his patients.

If you have nasal trauma that requires reconstructive plastic surgery, you will not find a better surgeon in the West Palm Beach area than Dr. Rueda. Our advanced medical center in Wellington offers cutting-edge procedures for facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, with personal surgical suites, a dedicated medical team and a certified anesthetist. You will be in excellent hands if you choose Dr. Rueda to perform your nasal reconstruction surgery. To learn more, contact our center in Wellington to schedule your nasal reconstruction consultation with Dr. Rueda.