Nevi, or moles, affect almost every human by the time they are adults. These skin growths are usually brown in color and can differ in size and shape, with many adults having up to 40 or more moles on their body. Most moles are harmless and do not pose a risk to your health. A small percentage can be precancerous, and a fraction of these can turn into melanoma. If you need mole removal for health or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Katherine Chiang at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL, offers mole diagnosis and removal services as part of our general dermatology services.

What Are Skin Moles?

Melanocytes produce melanin, or the color in the skin. When a cluster of melanocytes form, it can be a mole. Common skin moles appear on almost every adult at some point and do not pose a health risk. They have been termed “beauty marks” but not everyone finds moles attractive. While all moles have certain traits, they are usually round, smaller than a pencil eraser and one color, they can be slightly raised or flat and may be brown, tan, red, pink, colorless or black.

Why Have Moles Removed?

While there is no reason to fear most moles, some people want these skin growths removed or a dermatologist may recommend removal. Some facial or neck moles may be distracting or considered unattractive. Cosmetic mole removal can be performed as a quick, in-office procedure that Dr. Chiang can perform at our medical center near West Palm Beach. Moles can be removed by surgical excision or shave. Dr. Chiang is exceedingly careful to minimize any scarring during the mole removal procedure.

If a mole is possibly melanoma or precancerous (dysplastic nevus), it may be recommended that the mole be removed. Dr. Chiang can perform a biopsy to determine if a suspicious mole contains precancerous or cancerous cells and needs to be removed to prevent spreading. Melanoma or dysplastic mole removal are performed differently than cosmetic mole removal to ensure that all cancerous cells are completely removed.

If you have a skin mole that you want examined or removed, come see one of the best dermatologists in the West Palm Beach area. Contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chiang to discuss mole removal.