Plastic surgery can be effective in reshaping the body and removing abnormal growths. Dr. Steven Rueda is a highly respected plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures with phenomenal results for his patients. If you lost a significant amount of weight and need a body lift to remove excess skin or a skin growth removed, come see us at Precision Medical Specialists. Dr. Rueda and our medical team offer body cosmetic surgery procedures at our surgical facility in Wellington, FL.

Performing plastic surgery on the body requires specialized skills and expertise to create the desired appearance. Dr. Rueda has spent many years improving his methods to obtain excellent, natural-appearing results for his plastic surgery patients. When performing body cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rueda uses advanced surgical methods to reduce scarring from incisions. Every patient receives personalized care from Dr. Rueda and his team to ensure the results meet or exceed their expectations.

Body and Skin Plastic Surgery

The skin is the largest organ in the body and the most noticeable. Changes to the skin can impact your appearance and affect your self-confidence. Dr. Rueda uses cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques to remove excess skin for those who have had massive weight loss, tightening and reshaping the skin and body. Dr. Rueda can also remove skin growths that are distracting in appearance. Our body and skin plastic surgery procedures include:

Plastic surgery on the skin and body requires specialized techniques to create the desired results. If you are considering a body lift to remove excess skin or need a skin growth removed like a cyst or osteoma, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists. We offer body cosmetic surgery procedures at our advanced medical center in Wellington, FL.