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Reticular veins typically present as dilated blood vessels close to your skin with a blue or red color. These tend to be more coalesced than those in spider veins. In some cases, they are associated with leg discomfort, leg heaviness and itchiness. Reticular veins are also known as feeder veins and removing reticular veins can help eliminate spider veins. For those with symptoms of reticular veins, vein treatment is available at Precision Medical Specialists near West Palm Beach.

Mario Rueda, MD, FACS is dedicated to helping you with your venous disease and offers advanced options in reticular veins treatment. Every patient receives a personalized plan to treat their reticular veins. Dr. Rueda has vast experience in venous disease treatment, and his patients can rest assured that they are receiving care from a physician with the highest level of training and experience at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

Healthy Vein Valve and Diseased Vein Valve

What Causes Reticular Veins?

To understand what reticular veins are, we need to briefly explain how our venous system is organized. There are two main groups, a superficial and a deep system. The superficial system, as the name implies, is closer to the skin surface and drains blood from fatty tissue and skin. The deep system has big caliber veins that are usually in between muscle groups. All blood eventually drains into the deep system. Reticular veins are branches that drain directly into the main superficial veins, or the deep veins. When dilated, they may look green or blue.

Reticular veins are not as close to your skin as spider veins and varicose veins. Despite this, however, they may still cause discomfort and itchiness. Reticular veins are typically diagnosed by physical examination alone. In some cases, Dr. Rueda may order an ultrasound to rule out any other, more serious conditions.

What to Expect During Sclerotherapy

If your reticular veins are not bothering you, no treatment is needed. However, if you would prefer them removed, we can inject your veins with a special solution to scar down those vessels, a treatment called sclerotherapy.

Procedures to treat reticular veins usually involve injecting a sclerosing solution inside the vein to scar it down and help improve its appearance. Sclerotherapy is an in-office procedure which is typically done by a simple injection through the skin. There may be some swelling in the treatment area that lasts no more than 1-3 days on average. There is typically no pain after the procedure, in most patients. There are no scars after the procedure and no down time needed. Patients can immediately go back to work and perform all their daily activities.

Patients with classic history and symptoms of reticular veins are good candidates for the procedure. Dr. Rueda will examine your veins and make sure they will improve with the proposed treatment prior to deciding on any intervention. To learn more about reticular veins treatment at Precision Medical Specialists, call our medical center in Wellington to schedule a consultation.

Reticular Veins Treatment Procedure

Procedures to treat reticular veins usually involve injecting a sclerosing solution inside the vein to scar it down and help improve its appearance. This is typically done by a simple injection through the skin like is done in during preventive vaccination.

Patient's leg before and after reticular veins treatment.
Patient's leg before and 4, 18 and 26 weeks after reticular veins treatment.

Why Choose Precision Veins Center for your Reticular Veins Procedure?

Dr. Rueda, a Fellowship trained surgeon who has 10 years and 3,000 procedures of experience will be your safe and best choice for reticular vein treatment. Successful results in this procedure requires a surgeon that is experienced and knowledgeable in vein anatomy and vein surgery. Dr. Rueda has published articles in expert peer reviewed journals and his work has been presented in several national conferences. Dr. Rueda’s passion for patient education and custom centered approach will guarantee you feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Rueda also believes in treating his patients as if he was treating his own family; you can trust you will enter a trusting and long-term relationship and have some of the best reticular veins treatment Palm Beach can offer. If you are located in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Palm Springs, Lake Worth or any other surrounding cities, contact us today to learn more.

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