Most people have experienced a poor night’s sleep, resulting in puffy, dark circles under their eyes. Allergies and illness can also cause discoloration beneath the eye area. With enough rest and medicine, the circles disappear in a few days. Permanent dark circles under the eyes are more complex because they will not resolve on their own.

Dark circles can be caused by genetics or aging. No matter how young you feel, dark under-eye circles can make you appear older than you are. People may ask if you are tired or sick. Precision Medical Specialists offers advanced treatments for dark circles under the eyes and restores a youthful, awake appearance.

Get Rid of Eye Bags

A common culprit of dark circles under the eyes is “eye bags.” These eye bags are usually a sign of the natural aging process, where the connective tissues around the socket weaken, allowing some of the fat to bulge forward. Not only does this give a permanent swollen appearance, but it also creates shadows that make the under-eye look darker.

At Precision Medical Specialists in West Palm Beach, Dr. Rueda can eliminate lower eye bags with a lower lid blepharoplasty. This procedure removes the fat while tightening the skin to create a rested, youthful look. Removing eye bags can completely transform your face, and the results can last an incredibly long time.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Under Eyes

When dark circles under the eyes are not caused by eye bags, there are still many effective treatments available. The skin under your eyes is incredibly thin, and therefore more prone to showing what is beneath the surface or highlighting general skin imperfections.

Prescription creams can correct the under-eye area by lightening pigmentation. These creams are far more potent than the disappointing formulas found in a typical cosmetic store. If hollows under your eyes cause your dark circles, laser treatments can naturally fill the area by increasing collagen production. Additional treatments for eye hollows are facial filler injections. This increases the volume in the area, eliminating the shadow.

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