Between the skin and muscle, benign fatty tumors can develop. These soft lumps are called lipomas and an estimated one in 1000 people have one of these tumors. Lipomas are pliable – you can move and compress them with your fingers and are usually round or oval-shaped. While lipomas are benign and do not pose a health risk, some people want these lumps removed due to discomfort or cosmetic concerns. At Precision Medical Specialists, our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Katherine Chiang, offers lipoma treatment at our medical center near West Palm Beach.

What Causes Lipomas?

For the most part, lipomas are caused by genetics. If you have a lipoma, you inherited the possibility of obtaining one of these tumors or the disease that causes them. Some of the diseases that are associated with lipomas include Madelung’s disease, Gardner syndrome, Dercum’s disease and hereditary multiple lipomatosis.

Lipomas present as a soft lump under the skin that moves easily. They are usually less than two inches in diameter but can grow up to six inches wide or larger. Most are painless, but they can press on nerves or tissues and result in discomfort or pain. Lipomas can grow anywhere on the body at any age – some infants are born with lipomas. The most common areas for lipomas are on the trunk, neck, forehead, shoulders, legs, arms and back.

Lipoma Removal

Lipoma treatment involves removal or shrinkage of the tumor. While lipomas do not need to be removed, if they are a cosmetic problem or cause pain, patients may prefer this treatment option. Lipomas can be surgically removed through incision or liposuction. Lipomas can also be made smaller through subcutaneous injections. All procedures can be completed on an outpatient basis at our state-of-the-art medical center, usually under local anesthesia.

Even though lipomas are harmless, any lump under the skin should be examined and diagnosed. Dr. Chiang is one of the best dermatologists in the West Palm Beach area, and she can accurately diagnose skin conditions like lipomas and offer her recommendation for treatment. If you desire lipoma treatment or removal or need a soft skin lump diagnosed, contact our facility in Wellington. Our team can schedule a consultation with Dr. Chiang.