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Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the most sought after face lift surgeons in Palm Beach. His attention to detail and methodical technique create beautiful and natural results. Dr. Rueda’s facelifts make the patient appear younger without creating a “pulled” or “taught” unnatural look. To achieve this effect, he uses a special facial plastic surgery technique that creates contour changes in the inside of the face, therefore avoiding the need to make the outside skin tight. By avoiding tight outside skin, Dr. Rueda creates a natural youthful result that does not look stretched. Get the look you’ve always dreamed of. We serve patients from the following communities: Wellington, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Boyton Beach, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach.

Facelift procedure

There are two main kinds of facelifts: traditional facelifts and short incision facelift. Both of them can correct facial sagging, jowling, and facial wrinkles. However, there are important differences to highlight as not all patients are candidates for both:

Although short incision procedures are desired by most patients, the presence of significant drooping or neck laxity makes them poor candidates for this procedure. In both, Dr. Rueda uses a special technique of double layer facelift. He contours the inner tissues (known as the SMAS) to provide optimal shape and correction of internal droopiness. Afterwards he contours the skin, to the deep tissue to achieve natural long-lasting results. You may also hear the terms “mini-facelift”; Dr. Rueda does not think any patient should undergo such an operation. If a patient already has an incision made, they would be better served with a technique that accomplishes everything possible to rejuvenate their face (like traditional or short incision facelift) and not a mediocre operation like a “mini-facelift” with no long-lasting effect.

Recovery and Downtime

Recovery and Downtime

Why choose precision plastic surgery for your Facelift procedure?

Dr. Rueda, a Cleveland Clinic trained surgeon who has 7 years and 2,000 procedures of experience in Plastic Surgery will be your safe and best choice for your facelift surgery. Successful results in this procedure require a surgeon that is experienced, artistic, and detailed oriented. Dr. Rueda has published articles on cosmetic surgery in expert peer reviewed journals, and his work has been presented in several national plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Rueda’s passion for patient education and custom centered approach will guarantee you feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Rueda also believes in treating his patients as if he was treating his own family; you can trust you will enter a trusting long-term relationship and have the best facelift Palm Beach can offer. If you are located in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Palm Springs or any other surrounding cities, contact us today to learn more.

Natural look

One of the main patient concerns is to have an unnatural appearance that makes them look “taught” or “pulled”. Dr. Rueda uses a dual layer facelift technique to eliminate this problem. This technique corrects the facial droopiness by tightening and contouring the internal tissues; this avoids the need of skin tightness to achieve a good outcome and therefore leads to more natural results.

Customized Result

Facelift surgery usually only addresses the laxity of the lower face. However, some patient’s also have some laxity in the cheekbone area that bothers them and is not typically improved with a traditional facelift. Dr. Rueda’s technique also allows him to customize improvement in the cheekbone area for a more comprehensive rejuvenation.


Dr. Rueda is known for performing facelifts that last for a Iong time. His dual layer facelift technique contours both the outside skin and internal tissue to provide longer lasting results.

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