Few sets of breasts have identical left and right breasts, and it is very common for one to be slightly smaller or differently shaped than the other. Mild breast asymmetry is usually not noticeable, but when larger differences occur, it can impact the aesthetics of the breasts. At Precision Medical Specialists, we offer breast asymmetry correction performed by our top breast plastic surgeon, Dr. Rueda, at our advanced medical center in Wellington, FL.

Breast shapes and sizes can vary from the left to the right. Some women may have breasts that are different cup sizes, making it difficult to find bras that fit correctly. The lopsided appearance can make some women self-conscious of their breasts, impacting their confidence in their body. Breast plastic surgery can reshape one or both breasts to create a symmetrical, matching set that looks balanced and beautiful. For many women, breast asymmetry correction can help them feel more confident and sexier in their own skin.

Reshaping Uneven Breasts

Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the most respected breast plastic surgeons in the Palm Beach area. His talent for creating gorgeous, natural results have earned him his reputation as one of the best breast surgeons in Florida. To perform breast asymmetry correction, Dr. Rueda offers a few different options. The type of breast reshaping depends on the desired result of the patient. Breast augmentation can be performed with implants to increase one or both breasts; or a breast reduction and shaping can be performed on one breast to make it similar in size and shape as the other. Dr. Rueda will take the time to listen to your desires and explain all the options available to achieve those results.

You deserve to feel confident in the way your breasts look, both in clothes and when you are naked. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts due to symmetry issues, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists. Our team can schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Rueda to discuss asymmetry breast correction at our facility in Wellington.