Whenever the skin is damaged deep into the cell layers, scar tissue can form. Most scars are smooth and fade over time, but some scars are more noticeable. One of the types of scars that can impact the skin’s appearance are raised, hypertrophic scars. While atrophic scars leave indents in the skin from too little scar tissue, hypertrophic scars are raised due to excess scar tissue forming. Hypertrophic scars can be unattractive and uncomfortable, which is why many people want these scars removed. At Precision Medical Specialists, we offer hypertrophic scar removal options at our facility in Wellington, FL.

Hypertrophic scars occur when too much collagen is produced when healing a wound to the skin. It is not known why hypertrophic scars occur, but preventive measures, like using silicone gel sheets, can often stop formation of these raised scars. Some hypertrophic scars will go away on their own, but others can remain and become itchy and irritating.

Hypertrophic scars and keloid scars are related, as both involve excess scar tissue forming above the skin. However, hypertrophic scars are different than keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars only form within the border of the original wound to the skin, where keloid scars can grow beyond these borders.

Treatment for Raised Scars

Hypertrophic scar removal treatments will vary depending on the size, location and side effects of the scar. Silicone gel sheets have been used to both prevent and treat raised scars with some success, which is a non-invasive removal option. Another possible treatment for removing hypertrophic scars is laser treatments. Specialized laser therapy can remove excess scar tissue and smooth the skin using laser ablation techniques. When less invasive treatments are not effective, surgical removal of hypertrophic scars may be the best option. Dr. Steven Rueda is an experienced plastic surgeon that offers scar revision surgery for hypertrophic scar removal.

Raised hypertrophic scars can be uncomfortable and unattractive. If you have dark or raised scars you want removed, come see our team at Precision Medical Specialists. Dr. Steven Rueda and our cosmetic team offer effective options in hypertrophic scar removal at our facility near West Palm Beach. Contact our office in Wellington to schedule a scar removal consultation to explore your treatment options.