As the skin ages, it sustains damage and becomes less firm and resilient. Collagen and elastin that keep the skin taut and firm are reduced, resulting in looser skin, lines and wrinkles. One of the skin treatments that can effectively improve its appearance and help it look younger is laser skin resurfacing. Using targeted laser energy to remove dead skin cells can rejuvenate its appearance, helping you look years younger. At Precision Medical Specialists, we offer a wide selection of anti-aging skin treatments, including laser skin resurfacing at our facility near West Palm Beach, FL.

Laser skin resurfacing uses a specialized cosmetic laser that targets the top layer of dead or damaged skin cells. The laser emits light energy that is very controlled to only remove the top layer of cells, but the energy can stimulate healing deeper in the dermis. Laser peels, or skin ablation, is an outpatient procedure that can last anywhere from a half an hour to two hours, depending on the area of skin treated. To minimize discomfort, the skin is usually numbed with a local anesthetic before the procedure and pain medications can be used after the procedure while the skin heals.

Benefits of Laser Peels

Removing damaged skin cells can refresh the skin and help it appear more youthful. After laser skin resurfacing, new skin cells replace those that peel away during the recovery process, revealing a rejuvenated appearance. Recovery time is between one to two weeks, depending on the type of laser resurfacing and area treated. Some of the benefits of skin resurfacing include:

Laser skin resurfacing can minimize flaws, like spots, scars and large pores, while firming skin to smooth lines and wrinkles. If you want to improve or rejuvenate your skin, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists. We offer a variety of skin treatments that can reduce wrinkles or smooth your complexion, including laser skin resurfacing. Call our office in Wellington to schedule a skin consultation to discuss whether laser skin treatments are right for you.