Many teenagers are self-conscious of their appearance. When the nose is the offending feature, it can impact the self-confidence of the individual and how they perceive themselves. In some cases, teen rhinoplasty may be the best solution if a nose is too large, flat or oddly shaped. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists is one of the best plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area who offers teen nose job surgery.

The nose is a powerful facial feature when it comes to aesthetics. When a nose is misshapen or seems out of balance with the rest of the face, it can be a distracting feature. It is natural to want to look your best and teens are under a lot of pressure to fit in and be attractive. Reshaping the nose can have long-term benefits for improved self-confidence that can follow a teen into adulthood.

Good Candidates for Teen Nose Reshaping

Before cosmetic surgery is performed on the nose, it is important that it is finished developing. This can be different for males and females – boys develop slower than girls. Most girls’ noses will be developed around age 15-16, while boys may not finish formation of their nasal features until 16 or later. Many teens wait until they are 18 to undergo teen rhinoplasty, giving themselves a new look before heading off to college or their next step into adulthood.

Dr. Steven Rueda is a highly respected plastic surgeon with many years of experience in the West Palm Beach area. He trained at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures with exceptional results. Before doing teen rhinoplasty, he will meet with the teen and their parents (if under 18 years of age) to discuss the options available and ensure the patient is developed enough to have the surgery. Safety for our patients always comes first at Precision Medical Specialists. Only if a teen is a good candidate for rhinoplasty will Dr. Rueda discuss scheduling surgery for young patients.

Teen rhinoplasty can help achieve facial balance for a more attractive appearance for young men and women. If you are interested in learning more about adolescent nose job surgery, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL.