All deep wounds to the skin cause scar tissue to form but most scars stay within the boundaries of the original wound. Keloids are a scar formation that can grow beyond the wound’s borders, and may become large, cumbersome and unattractive. Dr. Katherine Chiang is a board certified dermatologist at Precision Medical Specialists who offers keloid treatment at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

What Is a Keloid Scar?

Hypertrophic scars are raised above the skin. A keloid scar is a type of hypertrophic scar, but the excess scar tissue expands beyond the border of the wound. Any wound to the skin can cause a keloid formation, from an ear piercing or acne breakout to a surgical incision. Genetics play a significant role in whether a person will experience keloid scars. Those who have family members with keloids are at higher risk for keloid scarring. Ethnicity also can increase risk – those from African, Asian or Hispanic descent are more likely to experience keloids. Most people who have keloid scars are younger, usually in their teens or twenties.

Most keloids develop from an injury to the skin, no matter how significant. The exact cause of the excess scar tissue formation is not known. In rare cases, spontaneous keloids can develop without any previous injury to the skin.

Keloid Scar Treatment

Keloids vary in symptoms and size. Some keloids are only slightly pronounced hypertrophic, or raised, scars and are not bothersome to the patient. Others may grow to giant proportions, itch, cause pain or limit certain functions. Dr. Chiang listens to her patients with keloids to determine their concerns about their scar formation and offers the best treatment plan for their condition. To reduce the size and symptoms, therapies like laser treatment, corticosteroid injections and medications can be used. In severe or large keloids, surgical removal may be recommended, followed by preventive treatments like silicone sheets and compression.

If you suffer from a keloid scar formation, there are treatments available, To learn more about keloids treatment, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in the West Palm Beach area to schedule a keloids consultation with Dr. Chiang.