Skin and tissue change as you get older. Collagen and elastin loss in the skin can result in stretching, sagging, lines and wrinkles, including around the lips and mouth. Loss of fat under the skin with aging can cause lines around the mouth and thinner lips. The upper lip could become longer, impacting the balance of the mouth with other facial features. If your lips have aged, a lip lift procedure can restore more youthful lips. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists offers lip lift and lip enhancement plastic surgery to recreate a more sensuous, youthful mouth at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

One of the most noticeable differences in the lips due to aging is a longer upper lip. The space between the upper lip and bottom of the nose becomes wider. This occurs as the skin stretches and the lips lose volume. The top lip can become very thin with less of the vermillion showing (the pink lip skin), increasing the visible facial skin between the mouth and nose. To restore a more youthful, full appearance, a lip lift and enhancement procedure can be performed for a shorter and fuller upper lip.

Lip Lift and Enhancement Plastic Surgery

To shorten the upper lip and give it a more youthful appearance, Dr. Rueda offers lip lift procedures. Each patient is different and may need different techniques to improve and rejuvenate their lips. Dr. Rueda personalizes every lip enhancement procedure to address the patient’s specific concerns. Patients may need a lip lift and added volume to their lips, or just a lift. Certain methods can be used to emphasize the cupid’s bow on the upper lip, if needed. Dr. Rueda will discuss the different lip enhancement options during a lip plastic surgery consultation before your procedure, so you can decide which procedures you prefer to create the lips you desire.

The lip lift procedure uses a small incision just below the nose to remove excess skin and shorten the upper lip. This creates a more balanced and youthful appearance, and it can be used to reshape the upper lip. Volume can be added to the lips with fat grafting or dermal fillers, creating fuller, sensuous lips.

To learn more about lip lift and enhancement procedures available at Precision Medical Specialists, contact our facility near West Palm Beach to schedule your consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda.