The lips form your smile and are an important part of your mouth and facial appearance. Beautifully formed lips are a wonderful asset, but genetics, aging and trauma can impact the shape and appearance of your lips. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your lips, plastic surgery can offer a solution. Dr. Steven Rueda and our cosmetic medical team at Precision Medical Specialists offer lip plastic and cosmetic surgery at our facility in the West Palm Beach area.

The lips contain soft fatty tissue covered by delicate skin. The shape of the lips, volume and texture of the skin are all important to the appearance. Lips, like all facial features, should appear balanced within the face. If they are too big or too thin, they can look out of place. Dr. Steven Rueda is one of West Palm Beach’s top plastic surgeons who can reshape the lips to create a balanced mouth that looks youthful and appealing. Dr. Rueda offers multiple lip cosmetic procedures using advanced techniques to create natural, beautiful results at our state-of-the-art medical center in Wellington, FL.

Lip Cosmetic and Reconstruction Procedures

Do you want to add more volume to your lips or give them a lift to look more youthful? Did facial trauma injure your lips, requiring lip reconstruction? Whether you need to reform damaged lips or want to change the appearance of your lips, Precision Medical Specialists has cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery for you. Dr. Rueda is an experienced plastic surgeon who trained at one of the best plastic surgery centers in the country. He has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures with outstanding results for his patients. You can trust Dr. Rueda and our team to provide natural, gorgeous lip reshaping, including the following lip cosmetic procedures:

Beautiful, balanced lips can enhance your mouth and overall facial appearance. If you are considering lip cosmetic surgery in West Palm Beach, Florida, come see us at Precision Medical Specialists. Contact our facility in Wellington to schedule a lip consultation with Dr. Rueda.