The skin and tissue on the lips are very delicate. Facial trauma and health conditions can damage the lip tissue and cause deformities that impact both function and appearance. The lips are necessary for speech and mouth function, requiring intricate movements and flexibility, and they are a crucial part of your smile and facial balance. If you have lip damage and need reconstructive surgery, you can trust Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL, to reshape and reform your lips.

The lips are connected to muscles that control the movement of the skin and fatty tissue. When the lips are damaged from burns, lacerations or surgical removal of tissue (Mohs surgery), reconstruction may be required to restore function and form. This procedure is complex, and every case is different. To reform the lips, skin and fat grafting may be required, as well as surgical repair of the connected nerves and muscles. Once the function is restored, the aesthetics of the lips need the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon.

Lip Restoration

Damage or trauma to the lips can be devastating, but lip reconstruction surgery can restore both function and natural appearance. Dr. Steven Rueda is an experienced and highly respected plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful procedures with exceptional results. Dr. Rueda is known for his detail-orientated surgical skills and artistic talent for creating natural form and function. You can trust Dr. Rueda to utilize the most advanced techniques and methods to reconstruct lip tissue that will look and feel as natural as possible.

Our team and facility at Precision Medical Specialists make us one of the best plastic surgery centers in Florida. We have cutting-edge medical equipment, advanced surgical suites, intensive care doctors, a certified anesthetist and one of the best plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area. If you need lip reconstruction surgery, contact us, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Rueda to discuss your procedure. Contact our office in Wellington, FL, to schedule your personal visit with Dr. Rueda today, and learn more about what to expect from your lip restoration procedure.