The natural aging process can be frustrating when the appearance of your outsides does not match the way you feel on the inside. You may feel young and energetic, but your face may be lined or wrinkled, with loose skin or other signs of advancing age.

As we grow older, the muscles in our face relax and the downward slump combined with less elasticity in the skin creates folds where there were once smooth and contoured lines. One of the most common age-related cosmetic complaints is sagging jowls—the sagging skin under the chin and jawline. Sagging jowls treatment is available at Precision Medical Specialists in West Palm Beach, FL.

Eliminate Your Sagging Neck

While you can slow the hands of time, you can not stop them completely. Eventually, everyone will have some degree of sagging jowls. How droopy they are will depend on your genetics, collagen production, sun exposure and even how you position your neck to read, text or work. The more time you spend with your neck bent at a downward angle, the more likely you are to have more pronounced jowls.

Most products available without a prescription will not provide any substantial results, although they may feel nice on the skin, and you may enjoy pampering yourself. If you want to eliminate your sagging neck and permanently remove your jowls, a facelift will provide a permanent solution and restore the lost contours of your jawline and chin.

Benefits of a Facelift

A complete facelift truly turns back the hands of time, and Dr. Rueda’s surgical precision provides natural results without skin pulling or tightness. People will not know you have had work done, only that you look youthful and vibrant. Besides being a sagging jowls treatment, a facelift can address marionette lines, drooping brows, heavy eyelids, poor muscle tone, skin laxity and frown lines. If your eyes need special attention, additional steps can be added to the facelift to address these concerns.

Do not trust your facelift to just any surgeon. Dr. Rueda is one of the most sought-after facelift surgeons in West Palm Beach, with well over 2,000 procedures completed in a beautiful, artistic and detailed manner. If you are looking for the best facelift experience in Florida, contact Precision Medical Specialists today.