The shape of your ears is unique. While ears are not a focal feature of the face, when they are misshapen, they can be distracting. Many people are born with misshapen ears, and many more sustain injuries to their ears that changes their appearance. Ear reshaping surgery can be used to restore a balanced contour and shape to the ear for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Steven Rueda, our plastic surgeon at Precision Medical Specialists, can provide beautiful, natural ear reshaping results at our facility in Wellington, FL.

Deformed or damaged ears impact appearance and self-confidence. Congenital defects of the ear are common causes of misshapen ears that may be oddly shaped, too small, too large or have other deformities. Trauma to the ears can distort the shape, and ear tissue can tear easily when trauma to the head occurs in vehicle or other accidents. While damage or defects to the outer ear will usually not affect hearing, it does pose a cosmetic concern. Many people will hide their misshapen ears with longer hair, hats or scarves. Ear reshaping surgery can restore a normal shape to the ear for higher self-confidence for those with misshapen ears.

Reshaped, Balanced Ears

Dr. Steven Rueda has years of experience reshaping ears and other facial features. His attention to detail and use of advanced techniques has created natural, beautiful results for his patients. With ear reshaping surgery, it is important to achieve a balanced ear contour and symmetry with the rest of the facial features. Dr. Rueda uses cutting-edge methods to create a natural-appearing ear shape. Often, cartilage or skin grafts are needed to replace or restore damaged or missing ear tissue. Ears can be one of the most complex features to reshape, which is why you want an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rueda, to perform your procedure.

Cosmetic ear reshaping can give you balanced and beautiful ears that look natural. If you live near West Palm Beach and want to explore ear reshaping surgery, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists. We can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda to discuss reshaping your ears at our facility in Wellington, FL.