The skin is the host to many different types of growths, some worrisome and others benign without health risk. From moles and warts to skin tags and other bumps, skin growths come in all shapes and sizes. There are many skin growths that can occur on the face and in exposed areas, impacting personal aesthetics. If you have a skin lump or bump you want removed, you want it treated by a medical professional. Precision Medical Specialists offers skin growth removal through a body plastic surgery procedure at our facility in Wellington, FL.

Types of Skin Growths

There are many benign and harmless skin growths that do not pose a health risk but may be undesirable for cosmetic reasons. The number and variety of skin adhesions tend to increase as you get older. It is very common for people over the age of 40 to begin noticing more skin spots, bumps and other growths. Common skin growths our patients often want removed include:

There are many other skin growths that can appear as spots, bumps or lumps on the skin. It is always best to have new growths examined by a doctor to ensure they are not a type of skin cancer or other sign of a health problem.

Dr. Steven Rueda is our experienced plastic surgeon. In most cases, skin growths can be carefully removed in an office visit. Dr. Rueda uses his expertise as a plastic surgeon to minimize the risk of a scar when removing skin growths to protect the beauty of your skin. If you have a skin growth you want removed, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Rueda at our facility in Wellington, FL.