Are your earlobes too long or large? Earlobes that are too long can look out of place and unbalanced, accentuated when you wear jewelry like earrings. It is common for earlobes to stretch with age due to lower levels of collagen in the skin and weight from jewelry pulling them down. If you are self-conscious of your long or stretched earlobes, Precision Medical Specialists offers earlobe reduction surgery to reshape your ears at our facility in the West Palm Beach area.

Earlobes are often the most noticeable portion of the ears, especially if you enjoy wearing earrings and other jewelry. Genetics, aging and other factors can impact the size and shape of your earlobes. One of the most common reasons individuals seek cosmetic earlobe reduction or reshaping is due to stretching over time. Earlobes that appear too long can be a distracting and unattractive feature and may be at risk for tearing when wearing earrings. Earlobe reduction surgery can reshape the earlobes for a balanced appearance.

Earlobe Reshaping Surgery

Dr. Steven Rueda is a top West Palm Beach plastic surgeon who can perform earlobe reduction or reshaping surgery at our facility in Wellington. Most earlobe cosmetic procedures are completed with only local anesthesia without the need for downtime or recovery. Dr. Rueda can carefully remove excess tissue and reshape the earlobe to the desirable size and length. You can trust Dr. Rueda’s expertise to reduce scarring to keep your earlobes looking natural and unaltered. Once the earlobe is healed, you will be able to wear earrings again, and enjoy the benefits of attractive earlobes that appear balanced with your other features.

If your earlobes have stretched or are abnormally long, earlobe reduction surgery may be a solution to reshape your ears to appear proportionate. To learn more about earlobe reshaping, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists. We offer a wide selection of cosmetic procedures at our state-of-the-art facility in Wellington, FL, including ear plastic surgery. Contact our practice today to book a personal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda to discuss earlobe reduction surgery and whether it is the best option to reshape your ears.