Natural breast shapes vary greatly, but some shapes are caused by a congenital deformity inside the breast. Tubular breast deformity is an example of a congenital condition that can affect the formation of the breasts, areolas and nipples. Women with tubular breast deformity may have a variety of aesthetic issues caused by this condition, including asymmetry, bulging areolas, small or narrow breast tissue and drooping breasts. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists can perform tubular breast deformity surgery at our facility in Wellington, FL.

Tubular breast deformity is caused by a restriction during breast formation. Instead of breast tissue expanding to a round shape, a constriction at the base of the breast results in the breast tissue forming a tubular shape. This can occur on one or both breasts in males and females. The breasts may be smaller with larger areolas, and many people with this condition will have uneven breasts and a larger space between breasts. Nipples may point outward, inward or downward. There is no known cause for this congenital condition. While it does not cause any medical concerns, it can greatly affect the aesthetics and size of the breasts.

Tubular Breast Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

An estimated 1-5% of patients seeking breast plastic surgery have some level of tubular breast deformity. Dr. Rueda is one of the top breast plastic surgeons in the Palm Beach area, offering excellent results in correcting tubular breast deformities. During a personal consultation, Dr. Rueda can discuss the various options for correcting deformities and symmetry issues. Many patients choose to opt for breast enhancement with implants with their tubular breast deformity correction to create the size and shape of breasts they desire.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts due to breast tubular deformity, contact our plastic surgery team at Precision Medical Specialists. We offer advanced options in corrective and cosmetic surgery to create natural, beautiful breasts that will flatter your body shape. To schedule your breast surgery consultation with Dr. Rueda, call our office at our facility in Wellington.