One of the most transformative facial plastic surgeries is the facelift. Considered the gold standard of anti-aging treatments, a facelift can remove excess skin and elevate the facial tissues for a rejuvenated, younger appearance. However, not everyone needs a complete facelift to look years younger. For some people, mini facelift surgery is a perfect solution for tightening and rejuvenating the face in the early stages of aging. At Precision Medical Specialists in the West Palm Beach area, we offer a mini facelift option for our patients that want to keep a more youthful appearance.

What Is a Mini Facelift?

A traditional facelift uses incisions around the ear in the hairline to lift and tighten the jowls, lower face, jawline and upper neck. With a mini facelift, the incision is shorter, making the procedure less invasive with a shorter recovery time. It is often called a “weekend facelift” as recovery time is several days shorter than a regular facelift. While each plastic surgeon has their own version of a mini facelift, it is meant to be an option for those in the earlier stages of aging who want a quicker recovery time and a smaller surgical scar.

Mini facelift surgery can address the same issues as a conventional facelift, but on a limited scale with less downtime after the procedure. Excess loose skin can be removed, and the lower face, jawline and upper neck can be tightened. This can reduce sagging jowls, lines and wrinkles while creating a firmer, more defined jawline for a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the best plastic surgeons in the West Palm Beach area and is known for his natural, discreet results. His facelift patients look like younger versions of themselves, without the stretched or tight look that can look fake or unnatural.

If you are noticing the beginning signs of aging in the lower face, a mini facelift surgery may be the right solution to curb and slow the aging process. To learn more about the mini facelift, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Rueda.