Hypertrophic scars are raised with scar tissue that forms above the normal surface of the skin. When the scar forms, excess collagen is created that results in a ridge of tissue within the wound border. Due to their shape, hypertrophic scars can impact both the aesthetics and function of the skin and underlying muscles. At Precision Medical Specialists, our cosmetic dermatology team offers hypertrophic scars treatment at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

Hypertrophic scars may begin as raised, red scar tissue from an incision, burn, piercing or other skin wound. In many cases, the redness will fade with time and the scar tissue will flatten on its own, but this is not always the case. Using silicone sheets while the skin is healing from an injury can minimize the chance of a hypertrophic scar forming. But once a hypertrophic scar has formed, it can become itchy, uncomfortable or painful, and many people are unhappy with the appearance. Hypertrophic scar treatment can be used to flatten and reduce the scar tissue for relief and improved aesthetics.

How to Flatten Hypertrophic Scars

There are few different non-surgical treatments that can be used for flattening hypertrophic scars and fading their red appearance. One of the first treatments that can be tried is corticosteroid injections into the scar tissue. Our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Katherine Chiang, may recommend steroid injections as a first-line treatment to reduce the scar tissue. Other hypertrophic scars treatments can include laser treatment to remove scar tissue one layer at a time. Another option is cryotherapy to freeze scar tissue to flatten hypertrophic scars. The type of treatment recommended depends on the size and age of the scar and the skin type of the patient.

With the right treatment or combination of treatments, hypertrophic scars can be flattened and made less noticeable. Removing excess tissue can improve the movement of the skin and relieve itching or discomfort. If you have a raised scar that you want removed for comfort or aesthetic reasons, our cosmetic dermatology team at Precision Medical Specialists can offer treatment solutions. Contact our medical center near West Palm Beach to schedule a scar removal consultation with Dr. Chiang to discuss treatment options.