Correcting age-related appearance concerns often focuses on the face. However, an old skin care tip says, “Treat your neck as you would your face,” and with good reason. Despite the significant amount of effort spent minimizing the effects of aging, we often ignore the neck. By doing so, you age yourself when neck lines are obvious. Not correcting these signs of aging can also give away that you had work done on your face, no matter how skilled your surgeon is or how natural the results are. An experienced, sought-after surgeon like West Palm Beach’s Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists can get rid of those neck lines and ensure a seamless, discreet rejuvenation.

Treatment to Eliminate Neck Bands

The vertical neck lines, called neck bands, are the two muscles sticking out on either side of your neck. As you age, you lose the fat and collagen that keeps the area around the muscle plump and full. Without this fullness, the muscles protrude further, push forward and become a prominent and obvious sign of aging.

Depending on your age and degree of collagen loss, neck injections can help increase elasticity and stimulate collagen production. These measures are only temporary solutions, and aging will continue its course. The best treatment to eliminate neck bands is the surgical neck lift. The lift procedure addresses muscle laxity and contours the area to eliminate the neck bands. Neck lift surgery also smooths neck wrinkles and sagging skin.

Complementary Surgeries for the Best Results

Dr. Rueda is one of the most sought-after surgeons in Palm Beach for his ability to eliminate neck bands, perform neck lifts and achieve natural, youthful results. For a total transformation taking years off your appearance, neck lifts can be combined with a facelift or brow lift. The combination can help eliminate marionette lines, sagging jowls, droopy eyelids, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Dr. Rueda believes in client-centered care and will give you a thorough assessment to determine which procedures are best for you. Contact Precision Medical Specialists today to book a consultation to discuss eliminating your neck bands and restoring your youthful appearance.