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It is a good idea to define what a “mommy makeover” consists of. The joy and blessings of pregnancy are not without sacrifices to the new mom’s body. Some of these changes are due to the enlargement of the abdomen from carrying the baby and also from the enlargement of the breast as the mother gets ready for nursing. However, some woman also undergo changes in their face, hips, thighs, and arms after weight gain during pregnancy. As all these tissues enlarge they weaken and loose their elasticity. This is not noticeable while the tissues are stretched by the baby or the fluid in the mom’s tissues, however, after delivery this becomes very apparent with sagging skin, striae, and excess fatty tissue. Changes in pregnancy are not the same for every mom. Dr. Rueda, one of Palm Beach’s most sought after mommy make over surgeons, believes in a personalized approach to touch up the areas that help the new mom improve their shape the most. The majority of woman focus on improving the abdomen and breasts. We serve patients from the following cities: Wellington, Jupiter, Boyton Beach, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. Have any questions? Call us now! Tel:561.557.3115



As the uterus enlarges during pregnancy the overlying muscles and skin are stretched. This stretching weakens the tissues elasticity, such that once the uterus begins to shrink to its normal size, the muscle looses its tone and the skin appears loose and in excess.

It becomes intuitive that to improve these changes the muscles would need to be tightened, and the excess skin removed. This is best accomplished by a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty (See Tummy Tuck).

A pregnant woman embracing her belly.
A pregnant woman touching her breasts.


The breasts enlarge during pregnancy due to growth of the underlying gland filling with breast milk. This growth also causes the overlying skin to get stretched. This stretching weakens the breast skin elasticity, such that once the breast gland begins to shrink to its normal size, the breast skin looses its elasticity. Sometimes the breast gland may shrink smaller to its normal size. This leads to droopy breasts and reduced breast size.

To improve these changes, the breast would need to be tightened, and the breast size augmented to its original size. This is best accomplished by a breast lift (See Breast Lift) that contours the breast shape and creates perky and youthful breasts. In cases where breast size decreased, an implant may be used to enhance the size of the breast (See Breast Augmentation).


Most woman undergo a mommy makeover consisting of tummy tuck and breast lift. An arm lift or thigh lift may also be performed in those who have developed loose skin in their arms and thighs.

Please click here on tummy tuck and breast lift to read more about each procedure.

Recovery and Downtime

Recovery and Downtime

Why choose precision plastic surgery for your Mommy Makeover procedure?

Dr. Rueda, a Cleveland Clinic trained surgeon who has 7 years and 2,000 procedures of experience in Plastic Surgery will be your safe and best choice for mommy makeover. Successful results in this procedure require a surgeon that is experienced, artistic, and detailed oriented. Dr. Rueda has published articles on cosmetic surgery in expert peer reviewed journals, and his work has been presented in several national plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Rueda’s passion for patient education and custom centered approach will guarantee you feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Rueda also believes in treating his patients as if he was treating his own family; you can trust you will enter a trusting long-term relationship and have the best mommy makeover Palm Beach can offer. If you are located in Wellington, Palm Springs, West Palm Beach, Jupiter or any other surrounding cities, contact us today to learn more.

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