Plastic surgery is designed to improve aesthetics, but not all procedures go as planned. Rhinoplasty to reshape the nose is one of the most requested types of plastic surgeries, and one of the most difficult procedures to obtain the desired results. Unfortunately, many rhinoplasty patients are unhappy with their results or may have complications from the surgery that change the appearance of their nose. Dr. Steven Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists is one of the best plastic surgeons in West Palm Beach, with a solid reputation for obtaining exceptional rhinoplasty results. Dr. Rueda offers rhinoplasty revision surgery to correct nose job surgery problems at our facility in Wellington, FL.

Rhinoplasty is one of the more complex types of facial plastic surgery procedures. It requires precision and artistic skills to balance the appearance while maintaining the nasal structure. If too much cartilage or tissue is removed, the nasal valves or bridge can collapse, causing pinched nostrils or a saddle nose deformity. These are severe complications that may impact both the aesthetics and function of the nose, but even milder issues can affect the nose balance and appearance. A rhinoplasty revision can be performed to fix these issues. However, it is often more complex than the original procedure and requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced rhinoplasty plastic surgeon.

Nose Job Correction

Dr. Steven Rueda has an outstanding reputation for his exceptional rhinoplasty results. If you are unhappy with a previous nose job surgery and want to have issues corrected, you can trust Dr. Rueda to perform your rhinoplasty revision surgery. Dr. Rueda will take the time to listen to your concerns and carefully go over the options to perform a nose job correction. Patient education and setting expectations are extremely important to Dr. Rueda. You will receive personalized attention from your first consultation through your procedure and after-care visits to ensure you are happy with the experience and results.

It is unfortunate that not all rhinoplasty procedures obtain the results desired by the patient, but most issues can be corrected. If you are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty revision surgery, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington to book your appointment for a nose job correction consultation with Dr. Rueda.