At Precision Medical Specialists, it is our mission to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship by reducing interference from private insurance companies. This allows us to offer those with no insurance or with high deductibles transparent reasonable prices for high-quality care.

Dr. Chiang believes that everyone should have access to high-quality affordable medical care. Unfortunately, insurances sometimes get in the way of that. They burden patients with high premiums along with high deductibles, high copays and restrictive in-network coverage. They burden doctors with mountains of paperwork, nonsense denials and limit the ways we are allowed to treat our patient.  

It became very clear to Dr. Chiang that the existing healthcare model created barriers to her goal of quality care at an affordable and transparent price. That’s why she created an almost exclusive direct-care dermatology practice which only accepts Medicare and self-pay patients. This allows Dr. Chiang to spend her time where it really matters–with the patient. Dr. Chiang loves practicing medicine the old-fashioned way, taking the time to talk to and examine each and every patient.  

Dr. Chiang and her staff are focused on providing each patient with the best, safest and most enjoyable experience. Happy patient, happy doctor! Dr. Chiang and her team also strive to improve access to care and will work hard to accommodate all appointment requests.