The thumb is the most mobile digit on the hand, allowing you to grip items with increased strength and dexterity. To allow this mobility, the thumb relies on flexible joints with ligaments, muscles and tendons supporting the thumb movement. When hand injuries or conditions affect the components in the thumb, it can cause pain and dysfunction. Dr. Steven Rueda is a hand and thumb specialist at Precision Medical Specialists, offering advanced options in painful thumb conditions treatment at our facility in Wellington, FL.

The main causes of thumb pain beyond fractures are conditions that affect the joints and tendons. The thumb has three joints that have ligaments that connect the small bones and allow it to bend and grip. There are tendons that can be impacted by injury or disease, restricting movement and causing thumb pain. If you have one of these painful thumb conditions, treatment and diagnosis is available at Precision Medical Specialists. Our state-of-the-art facility and highly-respected thumb surgeon, Dr. Rueda, are the best options in the West Palm Beach area for thumb treatment.

Types of Painful Thumb Conditions

When your thumb is restricted in movement or you have ongoing thumb pain, your hand function is limited. Accurate diagnosis of your painful thumb condition is the first step, followed by the right treatment option. Dr. Rueda is a fellowship-trained hand surgeon that has performed thousands of surgeries and specializes in treating various thumb conditions. Our medical center in Wellington offers treatment for various thumb conditions including:

Inflammation of the joints and tendons in the thumbs as well as injuries to the soft tissue or bones can cause pain and function issues. If you have a painful thumb condition, Dr. Rueda can pinpoint the cause and recommend the best treatment. Surgery is not always needed – Dr. Rueda offers many non-surgical treatments for relief. If surgery is required to relieve your pain and restore thumb function, you are in excellent hands when you choose Dr. Rueda to perform your thumb operation.

Thumb pain can impact your daily life and hand function. If you suffer from a painful thumb condition, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda. Call our medical center in Wellington to book your appointment.