Your hands are precious to your life, needed for everything from touching your loved ones to buttoning your shirt or operating your favorite mobile devices. When you have injuries or conditions that impact your hands, fingers or wrists, it can impact almost every aspect of your daily life. At Precision Medical Specialists, we specialize in combatting all types of hand and wrist conditions with the most advanced treatments available. Dr. Steven Rueda is an experienced surgeon who specializes in hand and wrist surgery at our medical center in Wellington, FL.

The fingers, hands, wrists and elbows are all connected through nerves, muscles, tendons and joints. A plethora of injuries and conditions can impact one or more of these components, resulting in pain and reduced dexterity. Dr. Steven Rueda is a hand and wrist specialist and surgeon who trained at some of the best surgical centers in the U.S., including surgical training at the Cleveland Clinic and a fellowship in hand surgery at Ohio State University. If you want the best hand surgeon in the West Palm Beach area, you need to visit Dr. Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists.

Advanced Hand, Wrist and Finger Procedures

Painful conditions can affect your hands and wrist, from arthritis and tendonitis to carpal tunnel and trauma injuries. To restore full function and reduce pain, you need a surgeon that specializes in diagnosing and treating complex hand and wrist conditions. Dr. Rueda is dedicated to offering the best care for his patients suffering from hand, wrist and elbow conditions, from minimally-invasive treatments to intricate surgical procedures. Dr. Rueda and our team at Precision Medical Specialists offer advanced treatment options for conditions affecting the following areas:

Injuries and health conditions affecting your hand function can impact your quality of life. If you are considering hand and wrist surgery or treatment for a painful injury or condition, contact our team at Precision Medical Specialists. We can schedule an informative consultation with our top hand and wrist surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda, at our medical center in Wellington, FL.