The elbow is a flexible joint that allows the arm to bend and rotate for throwing, lifting and reaching. When injuries occur to the elbow, it can cause pain and restrict function in the arm and hands. Nerves that run through the elbow to the hand and fingers can be impacted by injuries to this joint, resulting in a variety of pain and functional problems. At Precision Medical Specialists, our hand surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda, offers advanced elbow injuries and pain treatment at our medical center in Wellington, Florida.

Trauma to the elbow or repetitive use can result in the most common types of elbow injuries. Injuries to the tendons or ligaments in the elbow joint from activities like playing tennis or golf can result in conditions that pinch nerves passing through the elbow to the wrist and hand. While the injury or condition may be in the elbow, it can cause pain, numbness and weakness in the hands and fingers. For effective treatment, a hand surgeon and specialist like Dr. Steven Rueda is an excellent choice for diagnosis and treatment for elbow injuries.

Treatment for Elbow Nerve and Pain Conditions

Both the ulnar and radial nerves run through the elbow joint and to the wrist, hand and fingers. Injuries to the elbow joint components can result in pinched ulnar or radial nerves from inflammation or direct pressure. There are many treatments and surgery options that can relieve elbow pain and radiating symptoms to the hands, wrist and fingers. Dr. Rueda at Precision Medical Specialists offers nerve, elbow injuries and pain treatment for the following conditions:

The elbow joint is complex with many soft tissues, bones and nerves working together. If you have an elbow injury that is causing local and radiating pain and symptoms, you want an expert to handle your treatment. Dr. Rueda is one of the top surgeons for hand, wrist and elbow conditions in the West Palm Beach area, offering the most advanced treatments available to restore your arm function and relieve your elbow pain.

If you have an elbow injury or pain, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington to explore your treatment options or to schedule an elbow injury consultation with Dr. Rueda.