There are thousands of substances in the world that can cause irritation or allergic reactions on the skin. These rashes are given the general term “contact dermatitis,” which refers to almost any substances that irritate the skin on contact. Most of these reactions are not harmful, but they can be uncomfortable. Understanding the symptoms and causes can help you identify contact dermatitis when it occurs. If you have a severe rash, contact dermatitis treatment is available at our dermatology clinic at Precision Medical Specialists in Wellington, FL.

Symptoms and Causes of Contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis is the most-experienced rash, caused by substances that irritate the skin. Chemicals, cleaners, perfumes, plants and other substances can trigger a rash when contacting the skin. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction from an allergen that touches the skin or is ingested. Both types can cause an itchy rash on the skin that may be red, blister or burn. Contact dermatitis can last for weeks, causing extreme irritation.

In most cases, avoiding the irritant or allergen is the best solution for reducing the discomfort of contact dermatitis. You may require allergy testing to determine what allergen is causing your reaction if you have allergic contact dermatitis. Some people may build a tolerance to irritants, which can result in fewer rashes and outbreaks. However, some substances may not be avoidable, or the reaction may be severe. When this is the case, contact dermatitis treatment is available at Precision Medical Specialists near West Palm Beach.

Dr. Katherine Chiang is a highly-respected dermatologist that offers advanced treatment options for skin conditions such as dermatitis. If your rash is severe, painful, widespread or embarrassing, Dr. Chiang can perform an examination and determine the best treatment to give you relief. There are topical and oral treatments that can be used to minimize the symptoms and help you recover quicker from your contact dermatitis.

If you have an itchy, painful or unattractive rash from contact dermatitis, treatment is available at Precision Medical Specialists. Contact our medical center in Wellington to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chiang.