Trauma to the ears is a common problem. Since the ears protrude from the head and are pliable, they are vulnerable to tears and other injuries in accidents. Burns, lacerations and other injuries can damage the ear tissue or remove some or all the outer ears. Misshapen or damaged ears can be reconstructed and reshaped using advanced methods of ear plastic surgery to restore a natural appearance. At Precision Medical Specialists, our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Rueda, offers ear trauma surgery to restore damaged ears at our facility in Wellington, FL.

The outer ear is made mostly of cartilage, fatty tissue and skin. The ear is flexible, but it is also easily torn. Earlobes are the most common component to be damaged from trauma. Earrings can be ripped through the soft tissues if they are caught during an accident. Due to the complexity of the ear shape, reconstruction requires artistic skill paired with plastic surgery expertise to recreate a natural-appearing ear that is beautifully formed and functional.

Ear Reconstruction and Repairs

Small injuries like torn earlobes can be quickly repaired at our office. Dr. Rueda repairs damaged ear tissue while ensuring the ear retains its natural shape and appearance. More substantial trauma to the outer ear, or pinna, may require ear reshaping or reconstruction. In some cases, most of the outer ear may be missing and need complete reconstruction.

To replace damaged or removed ear components, like the helix and ridges, in the outer ear, cartilage grafting is one of the more common methods for reconstruction. Dr. Rueda may harvest cartilage from the ribs or other areas in the body to use for reconstructing ear components, even an entire new outer ear. The results can be incredible, restoring a functional ear for adorning with jewelry or to wear glasses and improving the aesthetics of the head and face.

Ear deformities from accidents and trauma can impact your appearance and confidence. If you are considering ear reconstruction or cosmetic ear trauma surgery in the West Palm Beach area, contact us at Precision Medical Specialists. Our staff can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Steven Rueda to discuss ear trauma surgery at our facility in Wellington, FL.